Persis-Jadé Maravala

Artistic Director of ZU-UK

Persis-Jadé’s artistic work has won awards in the fields of interactive theatre, hybrid art and innovation. 

Her most acclaimed project, Hotel Medea, was the highest rated event by both public and press, becoming the standout hit of the Edinburgh Fringe 2011. She is the director and writer of Goodnight Sleep Tight, Binaural Dinner Date, Pick Me Up (& hold me tight), #RioFoneHack, East London Workers Party and Missing. She works at the intersection of games, performance and technology and believes post-immersive* approaches to dramaturgy can enable audiences to find new ways of engaging with one another meaningfully. Her work has focussed more recently on mediating relationships between strangers, particularly through the use of sound design and instruction-based performance.

Persis-Jadé’s response to Covid-19 has been to create PlagueRound (an online interactive live game show) and Project Perfect Stranger, which has seen close to 250 strangers connected in intimate encounters across the world via their phones.