Charlotte Church

Musician, presenter, founder of The Awen Project

Charlotte Church is a former child star, musician, presenter, campaigner and now founder of The Awen Project.

The Awen Project has a mission to create schools of the future that offer a model of education that’s sustainable, adaptable, personalised, yet free to attend. It has started with a free school that opened its doors in 2019 to a group of 20 children, from 10 to 12 years old. Based on extensive pedagogical and neuroscientific research, the curriculum for the first year hangs off the concept of building a school and allowing the children to have a voice in how it is run. All 7 areas of learning identified in the National Curriculum for Wales 2008 (linguistics, mathematics, technology, science, humanities and social science, physical education, and aesthetic and creative) are covered as well as nurturing a community that is run purely democratically so that young people will have a true sense of ownership over their learning.

In the future, The Awen Project aims to become a charity that can fund and open other independent schools that will offer an alternative to the traditional education system.

“We’re trying to create something really based on all the evidence – everything we know about how humans learn best, at what stage do children’s brains develop to take in different types of information. We see a lot of people feeling completely disengaged or don’t feel that they have a voice, or that their voice matters.” Charlotte Church