Lates 2020

FutureFest Lates

FutureFest Lates offer audiences an evening of immersive installations and exploratory talks set in inspiring venues, from a maze of underground tunnels to a rooftop urban jungle.

What are FutureFest Lates?

The future is not something that happens to us, but something we can create. So FutureFest Lates invite all curious minds on a journey to experience and shape the future. This year, we’ve discussed science and science fiction with author and physicist Jim Al-Khalili in The Vaults under Waterloo and explored the future of storytelling with an interactive performance, immersive installations and talks by Olivia Laing, Stephen Oram and Chella Ramanan underneath the tropical canopy of the Barbican Conservatory. 

Created by Nesta, FutureFest Lates are a taste of FutureFest, an annual festival that celebrates our power to shape the future. There are more adventures into the future to be announced, stay tuned for more updates.