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FutureFest is a celebration of our power to shape the future. In 2020, FutureFest brings together interactive experiences, performances, talks and debates that you need to reset the clock on doomsday and build your own survival kit.

How can the planet sustain us? What will Alexa do with your biggest secrets? How can we learn to be alone together?

With questions as big as these, it’s tempting to retreat, take shelter in a remote forest and hide from the world. But what we need is a map and a compass to point us in the right direction. FutureFest offers you the essential tools to reset the clock on doomsday and navigate a better future.

FutureFest is based on the belief that the future is not something that happens to us, but something we can create. In 2020 the festival brings together the artistic installations, performances, talks and debates that you need to build your own survival kit for the future. 


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How will we make connections in the future? Could we be doomed to live life alone or can we be alone together?
Experience a dinner date with a difference at FutureFest 2020 that invites you to question societal expectations🥂
http://bit.ly/34biBya #TuesdayThoughts

How can one person’s voice start a green revolution?
How can one person’s idea solve the housing crisis?
How can one person’s data save lives?

Find out at FutureFest 2020
#MondayMorning #MondayMotivation

Could an advert convince you to give up your freedom?
Enter the terrifying world of marketing as part of the Tone of Voice comedy show at the FutureFest 2020 festival.
@lartymcparty #FridayFeeling

20 March 2020

Tobacco Quay

FutureFest will be held at Tobacco Dock, London. It is located just ten minutes walk from Tower Hill (District/Circle Line), five minutes from Shadwell (Overground/DLR) and seven minutes from Wapping (Overground).

FutureFest 2020
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Maryam Pasha imagines a better future

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