Tone of Voice

Could an advert convince you to give up your freedom?

In a world where governments and corporations know what we are doing, what we are thinking, and can predict and influence our behaviour, are we doomed to be trapped by algorithms? Or can we find ways to break free?

Returning for one special performance at Futurefest – Tone of Voice is a comedy show where comedians explore the terrifying modern world of advertising and marketing.  Led by Adam Larter (day-time advertising bod, night-time comedy nut-case), assisted by his intern crowd-favourite and award winning comedian Joz Norris and Head of Design Ellen Turnill-Montoya they will explore and improve the world of advertising by pitching a succession of hilarious and ridiculous ideas.

The audience can expect creative, ambitious and indulgent ways to solve some of the problems of the future. All solved by the people largely responsible for those problems – the advertising industry.

What tool would you add to our survival kit for the future?

Positivity, loads and loads of positivity.

If the worst happens we will need some of that, and if we dont want the worst to happen then we probably need some positivity too!