The immersive bubble: the future of culture

Immersive experiences have become an audience buzzword. A seemingly ever-expanding cultural trend, we see an element of the immersive pop up in museum exhibitions, theatrical performances, experiential advertising as well as in bars and retail.

But could the goldrush for immersive experiences be dangerous? And what cultural trend will follow it?

Increased accessibility to VR and AR technology have allowed audiences to experience and engage with museum collections, brands, performers and products like never before. But despite the irresistible rise of ‘immersive’ everything, these experiences can sometimes deeply betray the trust of audience members, players, users and consumers. And as big businesses and brands commercialise the ‘immersive’ industry, could it go bust? 

In this interactive debate we will be joined by ZU-UK, a company specialising in participatory theatre and performance art. They invite you to explore who culture is for and who it is made by. They’ll share ideas around the importance of play, critical immersion and cultural appropriation and will examine the responsibility and requirements of designing an excellent immersive experience for the audience.

Join this debate to dissect the rise and fall of immersive experiences and explore the future of culture.