The Long Conversation

On your marks, get set, for a marathon of ideas.

For the first time at FutureFest 2020 we will be hosting a Long Conversation. Over 30 surprise speakers will take it in turns to interview and be interviewed in an epic relay race that will challenge your perspective and leave you feeling inspired about the future.

Each speaker will be on stage for 30 minutes, first as an interviewee and secondly as an interviewer. There will be no moderators or scripts in this unpredictable format that promises to shed light on new solutions, give a voice to untold narratives and bring together unique two-person dialogues all united by one common question: “What would you add to the survival kit for the future?”

So if you wanted to answers to questions such as, should we bring the dodo back from the dead? What is the future of gender? Or if you just wanted to see great minds going head to head. Drop in to the long conversation at FutureFest 2020 and get ready for a radical experiment that celebrates our power to shape the future.