The Garden

An immersive, multi-sensory journey which re-imagined our relationship with nature. 

London Glades Garden was an immersive, multi-sensory journey that reimagined our relationship with nature in the urban environment. Passing through a dystopian, barren landscape, festival goers discovered a forest glade full of trees, plants, fungi, dramatic visual elements and evocative soundscapes.

Visitors to The Garden went on a multi-sensory journey from darkness to reawakening. Entering a dystopian, barren landscape, they encountered fragments from an urban environment, depicting our broken relationship with the natural world. But moving through The Garden, they discovered new possibilities and arrived at a future where humans were no longer in conflict with the natural world, but had forged an alternative relationship between people, nature and the urban environment.

The Garden invited you to rethink the way we live now. It confronted you with a troubling prospective reality, but also showed how today’s choices could shape a better world – with plants, wildlife and new ecological practices as the tools to build it. A diversity of trees, plants and fungi, dramatic visual elements, evocative soundscapes and a site-specific programme of short talks helped The Garden tell its story.