The future of journalism in an era of fake news

The future of democracy rests heavily on the shoulders of journalism. To protect democracy, people need to know how their societies and systems work.

This is how we can make sure our voices are heard. But in an era of fake news, Wikileaks, corporate propaganda and social media thought bubbles, what news sources can we trust? 

In this urgent debate, we’ll be examining a new age of journalism where global corporations and all-seeing governments have the power to shape the consensus of popular opinion. For our own survival as a free society, we need to discover how to improve the credibility of news and work with technology, rather than compete against it. Should machines write stories based on algorithms and clicks, or can we use the power of data to help journalists sift through the mountains of data to unearth new stories?

We’ll be welcoming an exciting panel to guide us through this reimagining of journalism:

  • Professor Charlie Beckett, currently the director of the Polis Journalism and AI Project that produced a global report in 2019 on the use of AI, its ethics and future.
  • Journalist and filmmaker Hazel Sheffield, founder of Far Nearer, a reporting project that has mapped more than 100 local economies during austerity and Brexit.
  • Freelance writer for the Guardian and CNN Eliza Anyangwe, founder of The Nzinga Effect which celebrates inspiring women and creates a platform for others to tell their own stories.


Join us to rethink how journalism could better serve the citizens of today and of the future.