In Posse

Advances in science like gene editing are shifting the boundaries of our bodies and our societies. But in the realm of fertility, women and men are still bound by traditional, biological roles.

In Posse is an artistic installation that aims to rewrite this narrative, using art and science to disrupt the hierarchy and explore the future of fertility and identity. Join artist Charlotte Jarvis to experience an interactive installation, see the world’s first female semen being made and even make your own.

Artist Charlotte Jarvis is on a journey with Professor Susana Chuva de Sousal Lopes to grow spermatozoa (sperm cells) from her body. At the same time, she has developed a female form of seminal plasma (the fluid part of semen) with the Kersnikova Institute in Slovenia. This project is being exhibited throughout its journey as an installation of films, cultural artefacts and participatory rituals.