How to solve the housing crisis

We are living in an era of extreme inequality where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Before this gap widens even further, we need to reinvigorate discussions around the housing crisis to find solutions.

The housing charity Shelter has proposed a building programme of 3 million new social houses to solve the housing crisis. Is this the right path to take? Or do we need to start from scratch to prevent ourselves sliding further into a society of haves and have-nots?

In this debate, we will explore the housing crisis from the ground up, predicting future trends and using the latest research to propose radical ideas to shape the future.

To help us find a way forward, we’ll be guided by:

  • Co-founder of Public Practice and architect Pooja Agrawal, who will be sharing her experience of working in the GLA Regeneration Team and urban design practices.
  • Architect Zohra Chiheb, an expert in community-led housing and Croydon’s strategic lead in the field and chair of the GLA’s London Community Led Housing Hub.
  • Chris Wood, Assistant Director of Research, Policy and Public Affairs at Shelter has experience of delivering more social housing, increasing renters rights and tackling homelessness and bad housing.
  • Co-founder of Yes In My Back Yard John Myers will be exploring how a grassroots campaign to end the housing crisis can make better places with the support of local communities.

It’s not too late to fix our broken housing system. Now is the time to think carefully about how we want to live together in the future.