Black Box Bellagio – Data Casino

The Black Box Bellagio is an unusual casino. It won’t take your money, but it is after your freedom, privacy and personal data.

In 2018 you could take part in an interactive experience, where the data points that comprise your identity were the main currency of the casino, and losing control of them might be the only way to win.

The Black Box Bellagio is developed by Roos Groothuizen (1992), a media artist and designer based in the Netherlands in collaboration with Ymer Marinus.. Engaging with the unfair distribution of information and how online algorithms systematically discriminate against us, her work reflects on in-depth research and recent developments, often with interactive or game-like elements. This installation is brought to FutureFest by DECODE, a European Union Horizon 2020 project working to give people more control of their personal data.