Annular is an artistic installation made up of 240 points of light suspended in space, each with its own processor, wifi capability and speaker.

Together these form an ecosystem of interdependent objects that are aware of each other and can communicate with each other. This is AudioWave, a novel networked media system developed by Squidsoup and used to create audiovisual compositions and responses to spaces.

Past examples include Wave (Salisbury Cathedral, 2018), Desert Wave (Burning Man, 2019) and Curve (Simple Things Festival, Bristol, 2019). Annular is the latest incarnation, commissioned for Futurefest 2020 with sound by Emma Gillespie.

About Squidsoup

Squidsoup is a UK-based international group of artists, researchers, technologists and designers working with digital and interactive media experiences. Their work combines physical and dynamic digital spaces with novel and intuitive forms of interaction to produce immersive, responsive and beguiling experiences.
Image credit: Rikard Österlund