A young person’s guide to the future

In the last few years young people from around the globe have made it loud and clear that they are engaged and ready to tackle pressing issues.

Young people’s voices have led on major issues, from the school climate change strikes and campaigning against period poverty, to marching for gun control in the US and making upskirting a criminal offence in England. 

However, even though young people are so visibly leading and driving change, they are too often ignored and not involved in the decisions that affect their futures the most.

This panel debate will explore how younger generations are tackling the world’s most pressing issues with a vision for creating a better future. We’ll hear from people who are, on a global and local level, speaking up and creating the kind of world they want to live in. You’ll hear from:

  • Clover Hogan, a 20-year-old climate activist, youth spokesperson, and the founder of Force of Nature, a launchpad for young people to realise their potential by taking on the planet’s messiest problems.
  • Rasheeda Page-Muir, a poet, feminist and founder of RevolYOUtion, a debate platform for young people to engage in social and political discourse and to enable them to have the language to participate in conversations that affect their lives.
  • Award-winning editor, writer, speaker and model Jamie Windust, who will explore forging an identity as a non-binary person. Jamie writes and works for well-known publications and fashion labels and is the editor and founder of award-winning magazine FRUITCAKE.


Whatever age you are, come to this debate to listen to a better vision for the future and have your voice heard.