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What is FuturePlayer?

FuturePlayer is an exciting new home for digital content that shapes and explores our possible futures.

It is our alternative, virtual setting for Nesta’s flagship event FutureFest, which for the past 4 editions has welcomed curious minds and future gazers to imagine a better, fairer and more innovative world.

Explorers of this time capsule of festival highlights – including all-new content from ‘the festival that almost was’ in March 2020 – will be challenged, empowered and inspired with content that explores what the future might hold in these uncertain times.

FutureFest is a celebration of our power to shape the future. We believe that by talking about the future we enhance people’s capacity to shape it.

Since Nesta launched the very first FutureFest in 2013, the biennial festival has hosted over 350 speakers, 250 hours of content and 30 experiences. FutureFest offered audiences a space to push the boundaries, connect with other thinkers and find their own visions for what might lie ahead.

More than 11,000 people have engaged with hundreds of thought-provoking talks and debates with guests including Akala, Douglas Rushkoff, Annie Mac, Edward Snowden, Vivienne Westwood, Kate Raworth, Nick Bostrom, Nicola Sturgeon and Ruby Wax.

We’ve had mind-bending experiences, from the world’s first neurological thrill ride to a Fertility Shop of the Future. We’ve seen dancing drones, people being implanted with electronic chips and have walked through dystopian gardens.

FuturePlayer encapsulates all of this by creating a single place for everyone to access the content that will shape tomorrow.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our talented and amazing partners, programmers, sponsors and contributors for supporting us in creating many memorable festival experiences since 2013. FutureFest programmes were created by Nesta and programmers included Ruth Amos, Ghislaine Boddington, Dr Morgaine Gaye, Gyorgyi Galik, Pat Kane, Maryam Pasha, Ari Stein and James Upton.


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FutureFest is powered by Nesta

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For over 20 years, we have worked to support, encourage and inspire innovation. We work in three roles: as an innovation partner working with frontline organisations to design and test new solutions, as a venture builder supporting new and early stage businesses, and as a system shaper creating the conditions for innovation.

Harnessing the rigour of science and the creativity of design, we work relentlessly to change millions of lives for the better.

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