Melody Hossaini

Melody Hossaini

Founder and CEO, InspirEngage International

Melody Hossaini

How to change the world

Five years from now, over one-third of skills that are considered important in today’s workforce will have changed. By 2020, the fourth industrial revolution will have brought us advanced robotics and autonomous transport, artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as a whole host of other jobs, not in existence today. These developments will transform the way we live, and the way we work. In order to prepare for the future workforce and the industrial revolution, we must begin shaping the skills needed in our young generation now. As an expert life skills trainer who designs and delivers the InspirEngage Bootcamps to young people, professionals and corporates, Melody Hossaini will outline the top 10 skills people need in a thriving world and why the purpose economy within a ‘social era’ is a defining factor in how people are making career decisions, and whether companies manage to successfully retain their talented workforce. The changing political landscape is also having its influence on the future of work. As a former war-refugee and immigrant in the UK, Melody has an interest in how Brexit will affect pathways of work for young people. InspirEngage International will continue working to ensure potential is fulfilled.

About Melody

Melody Hossaini is founder and CEO of InspirEngage International – a social enterprise which helps people to do well by doing good. The company holds a portfolio in 100 different countries and has reached over a million people. Melody is a member of the Government’s Schools Expert Committee and regular writer for the Guardian

From war-torn Iran to becoming a co-founder of UK Youth Parliament aged just 13 and making history being the first female to chair the Board of Trustees, Melody is now a multi- award winning social entrepreneur, championing life skills and mindset development in education.

Melody is a Skills Trainer, delivering InspirEngage Bootcamps to develop careers, mindset and life skills of students. She has also delivered several pieces of work to improve teaching techniques and entrepreneurial flair in the classroom for teachers. She has spoken in over 50 countries including at the United Nations, TEDx and alongside heads of state, and she is currently touring internationally delivering her signature presentation How to Change the World.

In 2011, she became the first ever social entrepreneur to appear on BBC’s The Apprentice, described by Lord Sugar as ‘a woman of exceptional ability. Melody’s work has been recognised with several awards including ‘Woman of The Future Awards’ presented by Princess Zara Aga Khan, ‘Asian Woman of Achievement’ presented by Prince Charles and most recently in 2015 she was awarded ‘New European’s Most Influential Woman’ by the European Parliament.