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Claire Lomas

Cyber-athlete, inspirational speaker and campaigner

Claire Lomas

Finding my feet

In 2012, Claire Lomas made worldwide headlines when she completed the London Marathon in a pioneering robotic suit over the course of 17 gruelling days. She had gone from living a life as an active sportswoman whose dreams were coming true, to a life where she wondered if she would ever be happy again following an accident that left her paralysed from the chest down. The simplest of tasks were now a challenge for Claire. Many doors had closed, and it was difficult not to dwell on all she had lost. She had to dig deep to find the strength and courage to rebuild her life from scratch.

Claire will talk about the gradual process of turning her situation around, and surprisingly how the five best days of her life have all been after her devastating injury. She describes the turning point which was when she stopped thinking of everything she could no longer do, and instead the many things she could still do, some of which were enabled using technology such as her robotic suit.

Claire challenges every audience to raise their sights, make their own luck by taking opportunities and be the best they can be.